based on customer needs



Design process always starts with precise identification of our client’s expectations, understanding of future customer needs. During the process we concentrate on optimal merge of product concept and its functional features, together with technological and economical properties.
We use a versatile ZW3D Premium CAD/CAM software, that enables hybrid, parametric 3D shape and surface modelling, point cloud data incorporation and full assembly features. Molding module enables product/tooling modelling for injection molding and die casting. We can also effectively design sheet metal and welded structures with specialised ZW3D’s modules.
Our customers receive a comprehensive 2D/3D documentation that can readily be used for production. Documentation is provided in neutral formats (.stp .igs .stl .dxf .pdf), if necessary also in other software specific formats (i.e. Solidworks, CATIA, etc.)


Computer aided engineering calculations and simulations using finite elements analysis FEA (CAE) are carried out in association with the team of renowned, world class specialists representing Polish best technical universities, using specialised software (i.e. ABACUS). These can involve construction features, plastic processing, thermodynamics, aerodynamics and other. As one of few our associate team specialises in finite elements analysis of composite materials.


2 and 3 axis CNC mill/drill and lathe programming is carried inhouse on ZW3D Premium CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) module. 4 and 5 axis programming can be done in association with our partners.
We strive to optimize efficiency basing on particular machine parameters, material and consumption of cutting tools.
We also design and manufacture efficiency increasing tooling, that shorten production cycles and set-up times.